Every day, men, women and children around the world are coerced, deceived and forced into slavery.   Almost 36 million people are trapped in modern slavery. They have been deprived of their freedom and dignity, and are being exploited for personal or commercial gain.

The Church can and must act to help bring modern day slavery to an end.

In early 2011, the Major Superiors of Catholic religious institutes in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei decided to join forces to raise awareness of human trafficking in their territories.

Human trafficking was a growing issue in the three countries, and the major superiors realised they needed to act against this heinous crime. Accordingly, the Conference of Religious Major Superiors (CRMS) launched a modest awareness project – a set of five leaflets on human trafficking – in Advent 2011.  These were distributed in parishes, schools and other institutes run by the Religious in the three countries.

That initial standalone project proved to be only the beginning, although our projects remain targeted at the circles of our various ministries in our countries.

Pope Francis has called on people around the world to “unite our efforts to free the victims and stop this increasingly aggressive crime which threatens not only individuals but the basic values of society and of international security and justice, to say nothing of the economy, and the fabric of the family and our coexistence”.

With this Internet site, we figuratively unite with others in the fight against modern day slavery by bringing our efforts to the international stage in the hopes that others in the Church and elsewhere may find them of some use.  In this, we are grateful for the continued collaboration of Katheros Consulting, our partner in fighting human trafficking.

The material that we have produced is freely available for use in parishes and other Church organisations.  However, we ask that if you use any of these or even an extract, that you please include a credit to the “Conference of Religious Major Superiors Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei”.

Thank you and God bless.

Conference of Religious Major Superiors Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei, August 2015